LOD 模型和人物

为了节约面数,我们每个模型经常制作2-3个不同的LOD。 尤其是一些高模的人物。

ParaEngineExporter 使用XML描述文件来将一组不同LOD的模型,变成一个LOD模型,并且可以在引擎中直接调用。 在3dsmax 中, 可以自动导出按照一定命名规则的同一目录下的LOD模型为XML LOD文件

LOD Mesh XML 文件

is just a meta file referencing a collection of x files and specifying which file to use when object is within a given radius. In order to automatically generate mesh LOD file, one needs to first export each LOD mesh or char file to their corresponding x file respectively. then open any of the max file and select export LOD mesh, the LOD XML file will be automatically generated according to the file name of the max file.

See below:

  • Put all your LOD mesh's model max files(all resolutions), textures and exported x files in the same directory. Name each file as objectName_LOD10.max or objectName_LOD20(0).max
  • the number in the trailing "_LODnumber" means within what distance in meters this file shall be used.
    • E.g. in your directory, you have char_LOD5(0).max, char_LOD20(0).max,char_LOD30(0).max, chat.dds, char_LOD5.x, char_LOD10.x, char_LOD30.x. Open char_LOD5(0).max and export LOD, the final file will be char.xml which contains reference to all other three x files with proper show distance.
  • Suppose filename of the static or character meshis "parentdir/xxx_LOD10(0).max", the exported file will be "xxx.xml", and the LOD setting are retrieved from the filename. e.g. _LOD10 means this LOD is used within 10 meters.It will also search for all xxx*.x files in the current directory for other LOD mesh files.

-- LiXizhi - 2008-12-16

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