Form Definition for ParaEngine Application Page

Note: This web has two forms: This AppForm for PE Application page, and WebForm for all other types of topics. To switch between forms, edit a topic and press the [ Change ] button.

Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message:
TopicClassification select 1 Select one..., NormalApp, AddOnApp, AssetsApp, ContribApp, ObsoleteApp, IncompleteApp, PlannedApp Classify a topic
AppCategory select 1   Select category ...
TestedOnPE checkbox+button 2 ParaEngineVersion01x00, ParaEngineVersion01x01 Tested on what ParaEngine version
InstalledOnPE radio 2 No, Yes whether installed on ParaEngine servers
DemoUrl text 60 http:// A URL where this package can be seen in action
DevelopedInSVN radio 2 No, Yes Package is checked in to the subversion repository
ModificationPolicy radio 3 PleaseFeelFreeToModify, ContactAuthorFirst What the author wants you to do about making modifications to this package
RelatedTopics text 60   Links to categories and related topics
Form definition 'WebForm' not found
Topic revision: r4 - 2008-04-28 - LiXizhi
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