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What is MCML?

MCML is an XML format describing profile and other display items in ParaWorld, such as task, quick action, action feed, tradableitem, etc. One can think of it as the HTML counterpart in 3D social networking world for describing renderable objects in both 2D and 3D. MCML is a universal format defined by ParaEngine and used by ParaWorld. Any tags in the name space "pe" is official mcml control node that can be data binded to NPL controls.

MCML tags

The following is a list of all supported tags in MCML

Release Notes

HTML tags

_text_, h1, h2,h3, h4, li, p, div, 
img(attr: src,height, width, title)

anyTag(attr: style="float:left;
color:#006699; text-align: right;
font-weight:bold;left: -60px; 
position: relative|absolute;top:30px;

<input type="text|radio|checkbox|file|
name="", value=""/>
More info, see HTMLTags

Design tags

pe:gridview pe:xmldatasource pe:mqldatasource pe:dialog pe:tabs pe:tab-item pe:treeview pe:treenode pe:image pe:flash pe:container pe:editor pe:editor input(button, listbox, text, radio, checkbox, file, etc) pe:slide (interval=3 order="sequence"|"random"), pe:filebrowser(rootfolder="script" filter="*.lua;*.txt") pe:fileupload pe:progressbar pe:canvas3d pe:numericupdown pe:sliderbar pe:colorpicker pe:ribbonbar

Social tags

pe:name pe:profile-photo pe:avatar pe:profile pe:userinfo pe:friends pe:app pe:profile-action pe:profile-box pe:app-home-button

Map tags

pe:land pe:map pe:map-mark pe:map-mark2d pe:map-tile

Control tags

pe:if-is-user pe:if pe:if-not

Component tags

pe:roomhost pe:market pe:comments pe:ribbonbar pe:command pe:asset pe:bag

Worlds tags

pe:world pe:world-ip pe:model

Motion tags

pe:animgroup pe:animlayer pe:animator

MCML by Examples

ParaWorld Platform Specific

Other Topics

Getting Started with MCML


MCML Tutorials

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